Our History

Pregnant bellyStarting out on a surrogacy journey can seem overwhelming whether you’re an Intended Parent or a Gestational Surrogate. Finding the right match is just one of the many components that go into the surrogacy process. We know this first-hand because we are former Intended Mothers, and now the proud and happy parents of beautiful children born through the miracle of Gestational Surrogacy. But it was not an easy journey for either of us.

Your Surrogacy Journey is Our Surrogacy Journey

The two of us (Lauri and Kathryn) underwent numerous IVF cycles, many miscarriages, more testing than you can imagine, a combined total of 200+embryos, 5 Gestational Surrogates and 6 Egg Donors before we were both blessed with our babies. Our experiences handling our own surrogacies as well as many others have given us a unique understanding of not just the administrative elements but the personal ones as well. We realize that no matter how wonderful, well intentioned and organized the parties are, it is an emotional and trying time for all.

Agency for Surrogacy Solutions, Inc. was started in 2004.  It was our dream to create the type of agency that we wish had been there for us on our own journeys.  We started out helping others as a labor of love and we continue to run our agency with the same passion and professionalism. We are available to our clients and surrogates for advice and support, and our agency prides itself in offering the personalized care that both the Intended Parents and the Gestational Surrogates deserve, from the very beginning until after the child or children are born.

In this day and age, it is extremely important to work with an agency that you can trust.  Unfortunately, in the recent past, several agencies (even formerly reputable ones) have committed fraudulent acts.  Our agency has never been sued nor had legal action taken against us.  We work honestly and transparently, and we are confident you will quickly see the difference in the way we do business.

We have been told by many IPs and GSs that we are compassionate women and good listeners as well. Besides bringing our heads and hearts to helping people unravel their fertility options and matching the right IPs with the right GS, we have developed extremely strong relationships with the country’s top infertility clinics, psychologists, attorneys, and support personnel. Our expertise and passion for what we do has led us to become sought after speakers at fertility conferences and groups throughout the country and on the internet. We’ve written and appeared in numerous magazine articles and on radio and television programs. Beyond our U.S surrogacy agency, we have also created Global IVF, Inc ( www.globalivf.com) an informational resource for people traveling for fertility treatments.

We would be honored if we can someday help you – whether you are creating a family of your own or helping someone fulfill their dreams of having one. Call or email us now.