Proud of Our Team

Written by Lauri on August 30, 2019

Meet Molly

Agency for Surrogacy Solutions has a great team and we’re proud of how everyone takes this journey with our Intended Parents and Surrogates with love and respect.  One of the interesting parts of being a surrogacy agency is we work on doth a deeply personal level and a legal level. A part of what we do is legal and we knew that because we’ll be working so closely with our legal team, we had to hire some one special.

Meet Molly O’Brien of Law Offices of Molly O’Brien

She runs her own law firm that specializes in assisted reproduction. She helps people (individuals or couples) become parents with the help of egg donors, sperm donors, embryo donors, and surrogate moms. She specifically became a lawyer to practice in this field and we’re proud to work with her.

Molly is highlighted in a great article with VoyageLA, click to read more about her: