Ranting & Raving about Doctors on the Internet

Written by Lauri on January 13, 2010

The following link raises some interesting thoughts regarding rants and raves about doctors on the internet. I’m sure what will follow is the same consideration regarding services — including surrogacy agencies, egg donation agencies, etc. I guess more ‘food for thought’ that we not just blindly trust what we read on the web, and before making a very important decision – like choosing a doctor or an agency – do your research. Here at Agency for Surrogacy Solutions, Inc – we want you to be an educated consumer.

Docs seek to stifle patients’ rants on Web sites
Doctors worried about their reputations are trying to fight back against bad Web site reviews, requiring patients to sign contracts – critics call them “gag orders” – promising not to post comments to public sites. But the move may be backfiring.