Video Shoot for Global

Written by Lauri on January 19, 2010

This weekend was exciting! Both Kathryn and I had the pleasure of being part of an extensive ‘expert’ video shoot for the new website If you haven’t checked it out, please do! It’s a great site, full of information for those IPs looking to travel overseas for any Assisted Reproduction services, and for those coming to the States for the same. It lists clinics, laws, costs, etc around the globe – and I know these days, many of us are thinking of going abroad for (most often) egg donation – and sometimes surrogacy. Our interviews of course focused on surrogacy and why we think the United States is still the best and safest place to go to do it. But we’re certainly not blind to the fact that egg donation and surrogacy are becoming part of a much bigger, global picture – and that the costs in the United States for these services are sometimes too heavy a financial burden. That’s why Global is such a valuable resource — finally a one stop place to get all of the necessary information to make an educated decision about creating your family. Knowledge is empowerment!

Our segments will most likely be ‘airing’ on in the next few months — we’ll keep you posted!!

I know that is always looking for stories from IPs who have gone abroad for services or IPs who have come to the United States… there are blogs, articles, forums… so if you’ve got a story to share, or an upcoming fertility trip, please get in touch with them at so that your experiences might help others.

Have a great day!
Lauri de Brito