Would you like to work with Agency for Surrogacy Solutions? Read Below!

Written by Lauri on November 30, 2009


If you pass the initial screening, we will ask you to fill out a much longer questionnaire, which covers a broad range of subjects so that we, and eventually potential Intended Parents, can get to know you. This questionnaire should take roughly 30 minutes to complete. We prefer to send and receive the questionnaire by e-mail.


We will also need photographs of you and your family. It’s easiest if the photographs are digital format and are sent through the Internet. If you do not have a digital camera, your local photo shop can create them from prints or you can mail the prints directly to us for scanning.


After you return your questionnaire, one of our Surrogate Coordinators will conduct a phone interview with you. This is not meant to be intimidating, it’s just a more direct way to get to know each other and answer any questions you may have. Then, one of our directors will also call to talk to you.


Once we agree to work together, you should download the Agency Program Agreement document, which you will need to print out, sign, and fax/mail to our office.


This indicates your willingness to become a Gestational Surrogate with our agency. It also gives the Intended Parents permission to review your questionnaire and photographs. (Agency for Surrogacy Solutions always insures that your privacy is protected. The Intended Parents will not see the page of the questionnaire that contains confidential identifying information. Your last name and identifying information will not be revealed to any Intended Parents until all agree to work together.)