10 Simple Steps For Intended Parents

Infant under towel
Our goal is to make your surrogacy journey as problem-free and as emotionally rewarding as possible. We will guide you through the process of surrogacy from the initial steps until after you take your baby or babies home with you! To give you a general outline, here is what to expect:

Step 1
Call, email or Skype with us – We will answer all of your questions regarding surrogacy and hopefully ease your worries a bit.
Step 2
Fill out our agency questionnaire – This helps us get to know you better and assists us in finding you the perfect surrogate match.
Step 3
Sign our agency contract – Once you sign our contract and make the first payment, we’re ready to get to the good stuff!
Step 4
The match – Yes, this is when our true talent shines – we will find you the perfect surrogate for your journey! Someone who has already had at least one child, has had a background check, is a great communicator and lives in a surro-friendly state (among other things).
Step 5
Initial contact with your surrogate – Generally this is done with a conference call, however if possible, we can plan to meet in person.
Step 6
Medical evaluation and psychological screening – Your surrogate will have an in-person appointment with your RE, along with lab work and then be medically approved by your doctor. She will also be psychologically screened/cleared.
Step 7
Sign contract with your surrogate and fund escrow – Many IPs find the contract stage the most stressful part of the journey, but that is to be expected and we will assist you the entire time.
Step 8
The IVF cycle – Now you are finally on your way! Once contracts and escrow funding are out of the way, it gets much easier to focus on the good stuff – creating a baby! Your GS and Intended Mother or Egg donor’s cycles will be synched, medications started, and then an embryo transfer takes place.
Step 9
Positive beta and the pregnancy – Our favorite words are “I’m pregnant!” and they will be yours too… once you hear them from your surrogate. For the first 10-12 weeks, your surrogate remains under the care of your Reproductive Endocrinologist, but after that she is released to her OB and it truly becomes like every other pregnancy.
Step 10
The birth and beyond! – We promise that persistence pays off! It did for us and we’ve got hundreds of happy IPs who will attest to it as well! Stick with it and youtoo, will have a baby at the end of this incredible journey. We promise to be with you every step of the way!