Anticipated Costs

Many agency websites list costs – some are accurate, while others greatly underestimate the actual costs you will incur. Surrogacy is expensive, and since many IPs want to realistically anticipate the true costs, we have tried to be as accurate and inclusive as possible in the anticipated fees listed below, but each surrogacy and situation is unique and costs can vary.

As former Intended Parents, we know how overwhelming and expensive pursuing parenthood through surrogacy can be. In an effort to keep this journey affordable and thereby available to as many Intended Parents as possible, we do not mark up or take any kickbacks from any of the referrals that we make – including the psychologist for your Surrogate’s psychological evaluation, lawyers for both IPs and GS, background checks, escrow accounts, etc. We also do not add in monthly Surrogate support meetings or prepaid gifts, which many other surrogacy agencies do to bolster their own profit (we do, however, send gifts to your GSs paid from our own agency fee).

The fees listed below are relatively standard rates (except where we can lower them) and you should anticipate paying them even if you were to do an independent surrogacy or choose to work with another agency.


Blood Screening Panel for GS & Partner Testing of Surrogate’s suitability for pregnancy & STD testing of spouse or significant other.Costs vary based on lab or clinic. $1500 – $3500
Medical Evaluation Consultation and examination of uterus by RE.Costs vary clinic-to-clinic. $1500 – $4000
Psychological Evaluation Typically one session with a licensed therapist to determine Surrogate’s suitability. Usually includes an MMPI or PAIpersonality profile test administered and evaluated by the therapist.Some clinics require their own psychological protocol. $500 – $2000
Psychological Counseling Approx. 12 -15 months. Monthly sessions with therapist. Not required unless requested. Determined on a case-by-case basis. Up to $1500
Criminal Background Check Agency-provided background check done by retired Los Angeles police detectives – not an online service. $175
Fresh IVF Cycle Fee and Medications Additional costs will be incurred if using PGD, egg donor or sperm donor, and will include donor fees and donor agency fees where applicable.Cost varies clinic-by-clinic.
Additional costs incurred per additional IVF cycles needed.
Average: $12,000-25,000
Frozen IVF Cycle and Medications Cost varies clinic-by-clinic. Average: $3000 – $8000


Intended Parent Legal Representation Draft, negotiate, and review Surrogacy contract with the Intended Parents.Fees vary by state and lawyer. $1000 – $4000
Surrogate Legal Representation Review contract with Surrogate and negotiate changes on her behalf.Fees vary by state and lawyer.  $1000 – $1500
Parental Establishment and Court Pleadings Draft, review, obtain signatures, and file legal pleading papers with the Court. Arrangements for court appearances or default judgments will be made when required.Fees vary by state and lawyer. $1500 – $4000
Surrogate/Pleadings Review legal pleadings with Surrogate in connection with the establishment of the IntendedParent’s parental rights. File all documents with the court.
Fees vary by state and lawyer.
$500 – $1000
Court Filing Fees The fee varies depending on current court fees, the Surrogate’s marital status, and county where papers are filed. $600-1000


Medical Insurance for the Surrogate If Surrogate’s existing policy will not cover a surrogacy pregnancy or if she has no health insurance: Appropriate health insurance is purchased by IPs. Monthly insurance premiums for a minimum of 15 months. Needs to be kept in place for 3 months post delivery. IPs are responsible for all co-pays, deductibles or uncovered expenses.If Surrogate has health insurance coverage that does not exclude a surrogacy pregnancy IPs are responsible for co-pays & deductibles as determined by the insurance policy.**Surrogates who have insurance that covers a surrogacy pregnancy are eligible to receive an increase in their base fee up to $5000 depending upon their policy coverage Average $400 – $1000/ month if needed.
Co-pays & deductibles TBD (most will end up costing between $1000 – $7500)
Life Insurance Purchase of a $350,000 term policy for Surrogate in case of accidental death. Approx. $600/year
Insurance for Unborn Child(ren) For international clients only.IPs must secure health insurance for their child or children to take effect upon birth.
International IPs must verify that their own health insurance will cover a child of theirs born outside of the country, and if not, must make arrangements for such coverage and show proof of insurance.
Varies based on number of children surrogate is pregnant with.For international clients can cost starting at $20,000+

Surrogate Benefits

Gestational Surrogate Base Compensation Paid to Surrogate in 11 installments over the course of the pregnancy, beginning with confirmation of pregnancy via blood test. 1st time GSs: $35,000-$45,000 for CA, $30,000- $35,000 for non-CA, Experienced GS (non-CA): $35,000+, Experienced GS (CA): $45,000+
Monthly Allowance In lieu of itemized reimbursements, this monthly fee covers mileage under 75 miles round-trip, local travel expenses including meals; housekeeping; childcare for local appointments; telephone calls; and miscellaneous expenses such as pregnancy test kits, and other incidentals related to the surrogacy. Begins at contract signing through one month after birth or at termination of surrogacy contract. Average $200 – $400/month
Maternity Clothing Allowance Singleton payment made with 4th month pregnancy payment. Multiples payments are made in two parts: $750 with 3rd month pregnancy payment and $250 the following month. $750 singleton$1000 multiples
Mock Cycle Fee Paid when/if the Surrogate takes medications to simulate a cycle that tests thickening of uterine lining. $500
Dropped Cycle Fee Paid if the cycle is cancelled after the start of medications, through no fault of the Surrogate’s. $400
Embryo Transfer Fee Paid after each embryo transfer procedure. Fee includes lost wages and childcare for the embryo transfer trip (unless per the clinic, the trip is longer than 3 working days). Does not include per diem, airport parking, airport shuttles, air travel/mileage/hotel expenses. $1000 – 1500/attempt depending upon employment status of GS.
Invasive Procedures To compensate for the discomfort associated with amniocentesis or other invasive prenatal diagnostic testing, early termination procedure, fetal reduction, or ectopic pregnancy. $750 for first needle insertion(where appropriate).. $250 for each additional insertion,per procedure
C-Section To compensate for additional pain and suffering and added risks. $3000
Loss of Reproductive Capabilities Loss of tubesLoss of uterus
Loss of ovaries and/or complete hysterectomy
Multiples Fee paid for each additional child carried beyond one. These fees are spread out over the course of the pregnancy payments beginning with the 4th month payment. $5000/per child
Lost Wages Lost wages are determined by actual after-tax earnings and varies based on disability insurance and actual earnings for working Surrogates only. Potentially paid over the course of the pregnancy for:medical evaluation trip,doctor ordered bed-rest, postpartum recovery. Cost varies per situation and Surrogate. Approx. $1500 – $8000
Lost Wages for Spouse There may be lost wages for spouse or companion (after tax earnings as verified by recent pay stub) for medical evaluation trip, embryo transfer trip, invasive procedures, emergencies and if necessary for birth. Determined per hour based on net wages of submitted paystub
Travel Expenses and Per Diem If travel of more than 4 hours is necessary (for medical evaluation and transfer, invasive procedures, etc.) per diem per person is paid to cover food and incidentals. $25 for 4-8 hours/person$50/day if 8hrs+/person
Travel Expenses Expenses for necessary clinic appointments, transfer and invasive medical procedures: hotel, parking, round-trip economy airfare for GS and companion (if requested), travel to and from airport, etc., if necessary. Actual costs. Average range $1000 – $4000
Local Travel If Surrogate is required to travel more than 75 miles round-trip by car to doctor, clinic visits, monitoring clinic, etc. $.50/mile for each mile over 75 per Google Maps
Maid Service Weekly housekeeping starting at week 33 (for singleton) 30 weeks for twins until 2 weeks post birth. Max  $100/week – Total average 9 -10 weeks.  Additional housekeeping may be needed if GS is put on doctor ordered bed rest (during pg., miscarriage, termination/selective reduction procedure, amniocentesis, etc.) Up to $1000
Bed Rest Expenses In the event of physician ordered bed rest due to complications in the pregnancy. Reimbursement for actual expenses such as child care/nanny service, driver, assistance with laundry, cooking, grocery shopping, driving etc. $200-$700 per week
Child Care In the event of needing childcare due to doctor ordered bed rest per doctor’s recommendation. Max. of $100/day unless otherwise noted
Optional Breast Milk Pumping To compensate for Surrogate’s time and effort. Must be mutually agreed upon. $250/week plus all supplies and shipping
Optional – Birthing Coach/Doula A Doula/Birth Coach is to support to both the Surrogate and Intended Parents. Doula/Birth Coach attends birth, and provides specialized support to both the Surrogate and Intended Parents throughout birth. Average $1000
Optional – Nutritional Support Dietary Support/Nutritional Counseling through a Registered Dietician Average: $300-$600/month
Optional – Nutritional Support If you would like to ensure that your GS is including organic foods in her diet you can offer a monthly additional fee or send prepaid cards to supermarkets such as Whole Foods Average $250 – $400/month


Escrow Account Set-Up Fee Includes initial set-up fee plus $10/check.Either your lawyer or bonded escrow company, not the agency, will hold escrow. Approx. $500 – $1000

As you can see, it is difficult to estimate exactly how much a surrogacy journey will cost. Each case and scenario is different. Our philosophy is that “you plan for the worst and hope for the best.” Complications arise in some pregnancies, while others are blissfully uneventful. Some people need egg donors, while others do not. Some IPs have frozen embryos and therefore will have lower IVF costs. Based on our personal experience in this industry, we anticipate the range to be from $90,000 to $180,000 (which would be the worse case scenario with foreseeable maximum expenditures.)The average amount spent is $110,000 – $150,000 (for domestic clients) when starting with a fresh IVF cycle using non-donor embryos. Donor egg cycles range from $135,000 – $165,000.  International clients who need post birth insurance should anticipate paying an additional $30,000 or more for post-birth insurance and costs.  Again, there are no guarantees, but we always try to do our best to keep costs under control while making sure that the Surrogate receives the compensation and reimbursement she deserves.

All of the above costs are subject to change as the professionals that we work with may, at any time, increase or lower their fees, and individual Surrogates may have their own fees, which reflect their unique circumstances. IP’s and/or GS’s lawyers may make additional contract recommendations.

Whether you choose to work with an Agency program or with a Surrogate independently, you will incur most of the above-mentioned fees, usually grouped as a “benefit package,” which is in addition to the Surrogate’s base fee. Even though money can be a part of the incentive, our goal is to work with women who are not Surrogates solely for financial gain, but are involved because their hearts tell them it is the right thing to do, to give the gift of life to a couple or person who can’t do so on their own.