IP: Getting Started

We understand the importance of face-to-face meetings even if the Intended Parents live in a different country or different state.  However, it’s not always convenient for the Intended Parents to travel to Los Angeles just to meet with our agency (and it can be costly too.)  That’s the beauty of Skype!  We can still do a face-to-face (albeit video) conference with Intended Parents from any part of the world. Some people prefer phone and we’re fine with that too. Of course, if you would prefer to meet in person, we are more than happy to oblige – just let us know when you plan to be in the Los Angeles area.

To set up a Skype or regular phone call, simply contact us via email (info@agency4solutions.com),  call us at 818-386-0800, or fill out the brief questionnaire below.  We’ll be happy to arrange a consultation at the earliest, mutually agreeable time.   Prior to your appointment we ask that you provide us with information regarding your specificsituation and why you are looking into surrogacy.  This will enable us to help you more efficiently during our initial consultation.  The first call generally lasts between 45 – 60 minutes.  We always invite you to share your questions and concerns with us.  We can pretty much guarantee that after this first call with us (whether phone or Skype), you will feel better and more knowledgeable about the surrogacy process.

For IPs interested in talking further please fill out the questionnaire below.