What People Are Saying


“I can’t thank the Agency 4 Surrogacy Solutions enough for yet another successful surrogacy journey. I feel very blessed and extremely lucky to have met such wonderful people in all my journeys. While the Intended Parents were here we got together for dinner, we all made lasagna, which was amazing and my son and the IP’s daughter got to play. On another day they wanted to tour my shop where we do glass blowing so everyone came to the shop and I gave them a tour. I had one of the guys at the shop make them a beautiful vase for them to take back to Italy, they really enjoyed the tour. On Saturday we went to my sister’s house to meet the rest of my family. It was my niece’s birthday and everyone loved meeting everyone. We definitely spent a lot of time together. They arrived in Italy today and I miss them already. What a journey it has been and truly a wonderful one to say the least!! Thank you so very much for partnering me with such wonderful lovable amazing people!! And thank you for all the support that was given to me during my journey. Thank you so much!! I really love Agency 4 Surrogacy Solutions that is why I recommend you to all my friends that want to do surrogacy, I wouldn’t choose any other. Thank you!”

EU, Gestational Surrogate, USA

I knew I would love being a surrogate, but this journey has really exceeded my expectations.  Definitely the most fulfilling, rewarding experience of my life (other than having my own kiddos, of course!)   I couldn’t imagine going on this journey without you, Pat, and all of other wonderful ladies at the agency.   I truly love you all!

Christi, Gestational Surrogate, Colorado

Thanks so much for coordinating our long and sometimes difficult journey!  You have made our dreams come true and we thank you from deep in our hearts!

John & Roberta,  Intended Parent, CA

Thanks, Kathryn!  I credit you with helping me “get over” this whole surrogacy thing (in a good way).  I was pretty resistant, but agreed to divvy up the list with (my husband) of agencies to call.  You were my first call!  And, somehow, after we spoke, it didn’t seem too foreign/weird after all.  I think it helps that both you and Lauri come from the experience of having been IPs, and you are also both people that I can personally relate to–professional moms, etc.  Anyway, there’s no doubt we made the right choice with your agency!

Debbie & Bonaparte, Intended Parents, CA

Your agency is a top agency, which makes it a pleasure for Michelle and me, as well as RLC staff, to serve your clients.  Your clients are always prepared, and well educated.  This is not an accident, but is a direct result of your professionalism.
Congratulations on a job well done!  We wish you continued success in the future.

Tom Pinkerton, attorney with RLG (Reproductive Law Group), Southern CA

….if you ask me, you do way more than most agencies and could charge higher fees than they do .

Prominent Reproductive Attorney in Los Angeles

Dear Lauri & Kathryn, not only are you a part of B’s’ journey getting here – he would not be here if both of you hadn’t made an “intervention” and changed the stars so they lined up a little differently – and began to shine for us. how is it that you did that!!!!!  Seriously – we keep pinching ourselves every day – here are some pictures (finally) of our beautiful, healthy and thank god a single boy!!!!! We are just soooo thrilled he is healthy and so sweet of temperament.

J & J, Intended Parents, CA

Everybody says they have never seen a baby so serene. He’s a very special baby and Mario and I feel we have been blessed. We have written a letter to M, who gave us the greatest gift of all. But we also want to thank you for everything you have done in making our dream come true. A big hug from all of us.

Alisa & Mario, Intended Parents, Italy

After years of infertility, we thought we knew it all. As a last resort we turned to A4SS. I only wish we had come to you sooner. We would have saved a lot of time, heartache, not to mention money! I can’t believe it, today after 8 long years, we finally got our first positive beta!

Denise and Jon, Intended Parents, CA

Picking an egg donor was so much tougher than we anticipated. You talked us through it and stayed on top of everything, including our egg donor agency. Our twins are due next week. Thank you both.

Jack and Ray, Intended Parents, NY

You guys gave us so many great ideas and input. We’re smart people, but sometimes it’s hard to see the forest through the trees. Thank you for all of your clarity. We’re ready to try again with the RE you recommended.

Meredith and Charles, Intended Parents, NY

You not only saved us time and money but gave us a place to turn to when we had nowhere else to go. Finding you was the best click of a mouse we ever made.

Carol and Keith, Intended Parents, IL

Living in Germany, we didn’t know how to access the American system to help us have a family through egg donation and surrogacy. You quickly put us in contact with all the right people. Today we are looking forward our daughter’s birth.

Maria and Ralph, Intended Parents, Germany

Wow! We were so impressed with all you knew, the specialists you referred us to, and your own level of professionalism and compassion. You saved us lots of money and frustration — and probably our marriage. Thank you.

Julie and Paul, Intended Parents, CA

For years we talked about it but we put off coming to the US for surrogacy and egg donation. It seemed like such a daunting prospect. But after our first chat with you, a weight was lifted and we were able to move ahead. You presented us with a clear path and wonderful choices. Having you steer us to reputable agencies and a fantastic reproductive clinic helped make our dream come true. Thanks for finding us the perfect donor and making the sure the cycle went smoothly. As you already know, we’re pregnant!

Maggie and James, Intended Parents, Australia

After interviewing virtually every agency in CA, our choice to work with you was an easy one. Not only did you match us with a wonderful Gestational Surrogate but your encouragement, compassion, comfort and wisdom along the way eased our journey tremendously.

Dan & Art, Intended Parents, CA

Thanks again for your ongoing patience and understanding. You have been so incredibly helpful, especially in containing my anxiety throughout this roller coaster ride. I also really appreciate your knowledge and sense of professionalism.

Linda & Kevin, Intended Parents, FL

We sure do thank you for the personal, heartfelt, inspirational, positive, motivating, kind, encouraging (and loving too) working style!

Kate & Mark, Intended Parents, Australia

Not only could I have not done the surrogacy without you in a practical sense, but you have been such an emotional support for me over the last year. We both appreciate you so much.

Bonnie & Carl, Intended Parents, MA

There was never a time you did not demonstrate total knowledge of our specific circumstances…You were candid, kind, trustworthy and funny. We couldn’t have asked for more.

Karen & Thomas, Intended Parents, Singapore

Both of us know how hard it is to manage a process as delicate and intricate as a surrogacy but you did it just wonderfully. You’ve always been so supportive and encouraging and always available to answer a question or inquiry, even the very dry and unpleasant financial part. I know that dealing with people is not always easy, especially when you have to deal with their hearts, their suffering and their minds all at once, but again, you both are wonderful at what you are doing. We highly appreciate your professionalism and humanity. You are simply wonderful people and we are deeply and sincerely grateful to you both. And believe me this is not mere words.

Nancy & Everett, Intended Parents, Washington, DC