Why We Don't Have A Database

Many surrogacy companies are offering online databases. While we can have up to 30 Gestational Surrogates available at any given time, we do not feel that you can really tell if you would be a good match with a particular Gestational Surrogate based by just reading her profile. Our staff talks to both parties, has each fill out detailed questionnaires and then considers each one’s desires for the other before suggesting matches.

Here are a few downsides to a database:

  1. Gestational Surrogates are often matched and still kept on the database to make it seem as though the agency has a lot of available surrogates
  2. You cannot always tell what some of the key points are to know if you are really a good fit or not. We are experts in making matches for over 10 years – Intended Parents do not bring that same skill set
  3. You may like a Gestational Surrogate but cannot tell if she would like you – so you get your hopes up only to find out she isn’t interested in working with you. By hand-selecting and personally matching it saves you the disappointment of being rejected by a potential Gestational Surrogate.
  4. Some gestational surrogates won’t register with agencies that have databases since it makes them feel like they are being shopped around and it dehumanizes them.
  5. It is truly hard to judge someone by a database – most agencies don’t include any controversial information – just the positive things – so you get invested in a Gestational Surrogate but in the end she’s really not a good fit.

So, you can see why we choose to do things the way we do – the personalized, hand-picked way.

We are considered one of the top agencies in the world and receive many referrals from clinics, lawyers, gestational surrogates and former intended parents – so people are obviously pleased with our more hands-on approach.