International IP - Services Provided

plane in globeWe welcome and specialize in helping IPs from all over the world achieve their dream of having a family! In fact, more than 40 percent of our clients come from outside of the United States. We understand the process can be overwhelming and the costs intimidating for International IPs. It is also hard to know who to trust. But please rest assured that our reputation is stellar, doctors and lawyers refer clients to us on a regular basis, and former clients return to us for add to their families and have siblings for their first child. Even the Los Angeles Times quoted us as an agency when issues have arisen in our field, and The Wall Street Journal and other papers noted our expertise in assisting Chinese nationals pursuing surrogacy in the U.S.

We understand that being far from your growing baby can add additional stress to your situation so we make certain to not only match you with communicative surrogates, but ones who are independent enough to not see you in person throughout most (if not all) of the pregnancy.Sometimes the first time International Intended Parents meet their surrogates in person is at the birth — although we encourage and find that most IPs and GSsdevelop a relationship (through email, text, phone, Skype) along the way. Of course, we are more than happy to customize your arrangement to suit your specific needs.

Both of us (Kathryn and Lauri, the co-owners of Agency for Surrogacy Solutions, Inc.) are parents through gestational surrogacy and egg donation so we know what it is like to walk in your shoes. We have built a relationship-based organization, one in which communication is key. Our case managers have worked with many transcontinental IPs and we pride ourselves on our communication and hand-holding skills. We ally ourselves with only the top doctors, attorneys, and related fertility professionals and are happy to make introductions and give you a list of referrals. We never receive compensation for our referrals so you can trust that we are making them based on your personal situations and our knowledge of the industry.

Our agency is skilled in assisting you in all aspects that can be unique to an international surrogacy including: sperm and embryo shipping, medical insurance for your newborn, the application process for passport for the baby, etc. Take a look at our special considerations for international IPs.

For our customers who are more comfortable speaking in Spanish you can contact our case manager who speaks Spanish to: 1.818.963.3369 or can send an email directly: Pat@agency4solutions.com