Becoming a Gestational Surrogate


First things first, review the qualifying list to see if you meet our agency requirements. Next, fill out the short online questionnaire. Most times, you will be contacted within a day of submitting this questionnaire.

If you meet our initial agency requirements, one of our surrogate coordinators will contact you to talk and have you fill out a much longer questionnaire, which covers a broad range of subjects. The questionnaire is extensive and will take approximately 30- 45 minutes to complete but it really helps us to get to know you better so that we can match you with the ideal Intended Parents.

After you return your full-length questionnaire, one of our Surrogate Coordinators will set up and conduct a phone interview with you. This is not meant to be intimidating, it’s just a more personal way to get to know each other, explain all that is involved in a surrogacy (time, doctor appointments, shots, etc.), and answer any questions you may have.

We will also need photographs of you and your family. It’s easiest if the photographs are digital format and are emailed directly to us. If you do not have a digital camera, your local photo shop can create them from prints or you can mail the prints directly to us for scanning.


If you haven’t started already, you will need to collect your medical and insurance information. This includes copies of your previous OB/GYN (including most recent pap smear) and hospital delivery records for each pregnancy/birth and if you are an experienced surrogate, you will need the medical records from the fertility clinic where you cycled.

You will also need to get us a copy of your FULL AND COMPLETE health insurance policy (if you have one.) If you don’t have a copy at home you will need to call the insurance policy administrator and ask for the EOC (Evidence of Coverage) – this should include all exclusions in your policy. We review this to determine not only if you have maternity coverage but to see if it will also cover a surrogacy pregnancy. Many policies do not. We will need a copy of your complete policy for our files.


While we are looking for a great match, one of our Surrogate Coordinators will stay in close contact with you. She will keep you informed on potential matches, will advise you if we need any additional information for your file, and will just be there as a friend to answer questions. Once we match you, you will be assigned a Case Manager who will remain with you for the entirety of your surrogacy journey. For us, a surrogacy is a very personal experience, and our agency takes great pride in building and maintaining relationships with both our Surrogates and our Intended Parents. Basically you will be working closely with one Surrogate Coordinator and one Case Manager throughout your entire experience with us.

We look forward to getting to know you and sharing this amazing adventure with you and your family!