Gestational Surrogate Compensation Package

Having talked with thousands of Gestational Surrogates, we are very aware that choosing to be a surrogate is never just about financial compensation.  It is such an incredible opportunity to help someone create their family but at the same time, we understand and appreciate the fact that financially, a surrogacy can help your own family as well.   Everyone has a different dream of what they will do with their compensation – from starting a college fund for your own children, putting a down payment on a new home to going back to school to fulfill your own dreams, or starting your own business.

We know what an amazing gift this is for you to give and this is why we offer one of the most comprehensive compensation packages in the industry.  Our goal is to ensure that your surrogacy is free of any financial issues and your case manager works with you to ensure your payments are made in a timely manner. How you feel is important to us and we never want you to be uncomfortable speaking about financial concerns with us. As we mentioned earlier, while surrogacy is our passion, it is also our business and we run our business very well.

Our compensation package is over $35,000 for first time surrogates and includes a monthly allowance, life insurance, as well as all expenses related to the surrogacy.  We have been helping people create families through gestational surrogacy for almost a decade and we have many happy IPs, GSs and babies to show for it!  We would be honored if you let us be a part of your miraculous journey


Surrogate Benefits
Gestational Surrogate Base Compensation Paid to Surrogate in 11 installments over the course of the pregnancy, beginning with confirmation of pregnancy via blood test.
  • 1st time GSs: $35,000-$45,000 for CA, but we will match any other agency’s fee!
  • $30,000-$35,000 for non-CA
  • Experienced GSs (non-CA): $35,000+
  • Experienced GSs (CA): $45,000+
Monthly Allowance In lieu of itemized reimbursements, this monthly fee covers mileage under 75 miles round-trip, local travel expenses including meals; housekeeping; childcare for local appointments; telephone calls; and miscellaneous expenses such as pregnancy test kits, and other incidentals related to the surrogacy. Begins at contract signing through one month after birth or at termination of surrogacy contract. Average $200 – $400/month
Maternity Clothing Allowance Singleton payment made with 4th month pg payment. Multiples payments are made in two parts: $300 with 3rd month pregnancy payment and $500 the following month. $750 singleton, $1000 multiples
Mock Cycle Fee Paid when/if the Surrogate takes medications to simulate a cycle that tests thickening of uterine lining. $500
Dropped Cycle Fee Paid if the cycle is cancelled after the start of medications, through no fault of the Surrogate’s. $400
Embryo Transfer Fee Paid after each embryo transfer procedure. Fee includes lost wages and childcare for the embryo transfer trip (unless per the clinic, the trip is longer than 3 working days). Does not include per diem, airport parking, airport shuttles, air travel/mileage/hotel expenses. $1000 – 1500/attempt depending upon employment status of GS.
Invasive Procedures To compensate for the discomfort associated with amniocentesis or other invasive prenatal diagnostic testing, early termination procedure, fetal reduction, or ectopic pregnancy. $750 per needle insertion or per procedure (where appropriate). $250 for each additional  insertion, per procedure
C-Section To compensate for additional pain and suffering and added risks. $3000
Loss of Reproductive Capabilities Loss of tubes
Loss of uterus
Loss of ovaries and/or complete hysterectomy
Multiples Fee paid for each additional child carried beyond one. These fees are spread out over the course of the pregnancy payments beginning with the 4th month payment. $5000/per child
Lost Wages Lost wages are determined by actual after-tax earnings and varies based on disability insurance and actual earnings for working Surrogates only. Potentially paid over the course of the pregnancy for: medical evaluation trip, embryo Transfer, doctor ordered bed-rest, post partum recovery. Cost varies per situation and Surrogate. Approx. $1500 – 8000
Lost Wages for Spouse There may be lost wages for spouse or companion (after tax earnings as verified by recent pay stub) for medical evaluation trip, embryo transfer trip, invasive procedures, emergencies and if necessary for birth. Determined per hour based on net wages of submitted paystub
Travel Expenses and Per Diem If travel of more than 4 hours is necessary (for medical evaluation and transfer, invasive procedures, etc.) – Per diem per person is paid to cover food and incidentals. 25 for 4-8 hours/person$50/day if 8hrs+/person
Travel Expenses Expenses for necessary clinic appointments, transfer and invasive medical procedures: hotel, parking, round-trip economy airfare for GS and companion (if requested), travel to and from airport, etc., if necessary. Actual costs. Average range $1000 – $4000
Local Travel If Surrogate is required to travel more than 75 miles round-trip by car to doctor, clinic visits, monitoring clinic, etc. $.54/mile for each mile over 75 per Google Maps
Maid Service Weekly housekeeping starting at week 33 (for singleton) 30 weeks for twins until 2 weeks post birth. Max  $100/week – Total average 9 -10 weeks.  Additional housekeeping may be needed if GS is put on doctor ordered bed rest (during pg., miscarriage, termination/selective reduction procedure, amniocentesis, etc.) Up to $1000
Bed Rest Expenses In the event of physician ordered bed rest due to complications in the pregnancy. Reimbursement for actual expenses such as child care/nanny service, housekeeping service, assistance with laundry, cooking, grocery shopping, driving etc. $200-$700 per week
Child Care In the event of needing childcare due to doctor ordered bed rest or per doctor’s recommendation. Max. of $100/day unless otherwise noted
Optional Breast Milk Pumping To compensate for Surrogate’s time and effort. Must be mutually agreed upon. $250/week plus all supplies and shipping
Optional -Birthing Coach/Doula A Doula/Birth Coach  is to support to both the Surrogate and Intended Parents. Doula/Birth Coach attends birth, and provides specialized support to both the Surrogate and Intended Parents throughout birth. Average $1000
Optional – Nutritional Support Dietary Support/Nutritional Counseling through a Registered Dietician Average: $300-$600