Gestational Surrogate Support

Each surrogate has different needs during her surrogacy and we respect that. Some gestational surrogates want and like to have ongoing contact with other surrogates – current and former, others want to talk to a therapist on a regular basis, while still others have no need for this sort of contact or support or all. Because we understand this and appreciate the fact that there is not one model that fits all, we have multiple options for support if needed or desired.

Our agency has three former gestational surrogates on our staff – Jennifer, Jessica and Ana. You will be in communication with one of them when you first contact our agency. They are there to answer any and all questions you may have and to explain this process and how our agency work. Even though once you are matched you will also have a Case Manager as part of your support team throughout your journey (to help with all of the logistics and questions you have), Angel and Jennifer are also available at any time to talk and to offer support.

We also offer an online support group. This is a chat room where current and previous GSs come to talk and share their thoughts and feelings, concerns and joys about their journey. Jessica and Ana oversee this group and are always open to ideas on how to better meet your needs. This is a group ONLY for surrogates – not open to Intended Parents.

We work with a team of psychologists who specialize in third party reproduction and surrogacy. At any time during your surrogacy, you can request sessions with them (either in person, Skype or on the phone). Maybe you just need one session to talk about an issue that has arisen, or maybe you need more. We’re here to help provide what you need, when you need it.

We also offer Doula support for the birth if both the IPs and GS are in agreement about this. Many GSs and IPs like this sort of support during the birth process and this is something that can be discussed with us.