What our Surrogates Say About Us

Thank you! My IPs have been great and I’m really happy you matched us. Thank you for all of your hard work and personal touch :)

Emily, Gestational Surrogate, Wisconsin

I wanted to thank you all for your love and support through my journey of surrogacy. It’s been an amazing experience and I am grateful that I have been able to help a wonderful loving couple in creating their family.

Orit, Gestational Surrogate, S. CA

I really appreciate how wonderful everyone has been to me. You guys have made this entire process stress free. I really feel like you are there to help me along. Thank you.

Jeannie, Gestational Surrogate, IL

You guys have been amazing and what a great way to end my surrogacy journey then to bring baby J into this world. I am so happy I got to be a part of it and everything went perfectly well with the help of the agency. I feel very happy I got to be a part of it all and feel fulfilled in the surrogacy world, I would not change anything. From the bottom of my heart, thank you so much!!

Elba, Gestational Surrogate CA

I want to thank you for matching me with this wonderful couple. I have no doubt they will love and cherish their little girl. I feel so blessed to have been a party of helping them create their family.

Courtney, Gestational Surrogate, CA

Your help with the birth hospital has been invaluable. I wasn’t anticipating you being involved in this part simply because my previous experience was with an agency that pretty much disappeared after matching other than managing the escrow. I am ever surprised by what you guys are doing to make sure everything runs smoothly, the surprise is in a good way I promise. Things like this are why I chose to work with A4SS to begin with.

Lena, Gestational Surrogate, S. CA

A4SS Rocks! :)

My husband and I were just saying last night that this is something that our kids will look back on years from now when we are gone as something amazing that we were able to do for someone. You guys at the agency, together with the IP’s, have given us this opportunity to teach our kids what giving is all about. We truly are just as grateful to them for letting us take part in this, as they are thankful to us.

Paula, Gestational Surrogate, VA

We came back from LA yesterday…nice little trip. Glad we got to see our IPs once more. I’m feeling good now, and so happy! We adore our extended family :) You two have been so helpful and wonderful to me and I appreciate that more than you know. Surrogacy is definitely my passion and my experiences have been exceptional. Can’t wait to see what the future holds!
((Big hugs to you))

Anne, Gestational Surrogate, e, S. CA

I’m just very grateful for your hard work. You made it so I could enjoy being pregnant with these two miracles instead of worrying about other surrogacy details.

Wendy, Gestational Surrogate, Boston, MA

And one of our favorite all time Thank You letters from a surrogate…

I am writing to you to say “Thank you”, in every way possible. This was such an amazing experience, to say the least. It has been so interesting in it that helped me learn so much about myself as a person and about my body, as well as meeting and getting to know two great people. I have known, for a very long time that this is what I wanted to do. But I never really thought of it as anything but ” helping someone”. Even when I was pushing baby out, it was just part of the plan. But once I felt Baby E come in to this world and I heard his first cry, I felt something that I hadn’t felt during the pregnancy, which was pride. I heard him cry, and I began to cry because I had brought this amazing little guy into this world and I carried him for 9 months and I made sure he was well and I gave him life…I did it!! And I knew that this was something amazing I had done. Even though people would tell me all the time, I didn’t see it that way. Now I do, and I can tell you, I could do it all over again, and again, and again just to see that face… the one of mommy and daddy seeing their baby for the first time. It was all worth it just for that smile, those years of joy. I want to thank you for everything you did to help me through it all. You ladies are amazing. You were there when I had questions, when I was feeling down, and when I was just in need of a friend.

I am so full of joy and I am so proud of myself for doing this. My husband has been asking me constantly how and what I am feeling and the answer has been the same. I am doing GOOD and feeling GOOD! He saw me cry when E was getting cleaned up and when I looked at my loving and caring husband, he had tears in his eyes too and he said, “Do you see it, do you see what everyone sees in you now?” And I did. Again I thank you from the bottom of my heart for everything that we went thru and for making us feel like we are now a big happy family. =) So so many hugs, kisses, smiles and thank yous,

Ana, Surrogate, S. CA